Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy is to strive to provide high quality plants and services which cause minimal negative impact on our local environment. Protection of the environment, surrounding communities, and ecosystems are critical to the business. We recognise that our working practices will inevitably impact on the environment in several ways: pesticide use, carbon emissions, light, waste, water usage and, peat use. It is our responsibility to minimise the potentially harmful effects of such activities wherever and whenever possible to reduce our impact. We comply with all aspects of UK law, regulations and codes of practice governing pesticide use, pollution, waste and associated issues. We aim to improve environmental performance year on year through monitoring our use of resources, investing in environmental technologies, changing the way we work to ensure we are using the most sustainable practices and implementing objectives to reduce our impact. Our policy will be published on our website and staff will be made aware through inclusion in our company handbook.

Allensmore Nurseries has pledged support for the Horticultural Trades Associations sustainability roadmap demonstrating to customers and suppliers our commitment to sustainable practices.

The plastic pots we use contain over 80% recycled plastic and are coloured to make them identifiable by local authority recycling systems.

We work with local recycling companies including burning waste for the production of electricity resulting in no waste going to landfill.

On the nursery we collect and recycle the water that we use on over 90% of our production area. Irrigation is through capillary matting reducing water use, keeping plant leaves dryer and reducing the incidence of diseases and the need to apply chemicals.

We aim to reduce pests and diseases through good cultural practices, we make extensive use of biological pest control and only apply chemicals as a last resort. Tank washings are passed through a biofilter to further reduce the impact on the environment.


We work towards a written conservation plan that encourages both flora and fauna across our nursery sites. We work with local schools and communities to encourage active planting and improvement of the local environment.

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Mark Taylor
Managing Director Allensmore Nurseries Ltd.