Why Allensmore?

The quality of our plants is central to everything that we do, from the selection of the varieties we grow through to planning production, training our staff, ensuring the crop is healthy, selecting plants for orders, preparing plants for delivery and delivering to our customers. We are working constantly to improve in all of these areas be it selecting a stronger growing variety, introducing a new biological pest control or recruiting new apprentices. We will always welcome your feedback and will always work to improve the quality of our products and our service.

Our new plants...

We work with young plant suppliers and plant breeders to trial over 250 varieties new to Allensmore every year. Trials are grown in our secure, dedicated trials area. Our trials officer grows small numbers of every variety we are considering for introduction, organises formal evaluations carried out by the sales team, growing team staff and visiting customers. Photographs are taken and evaluation scores are analysed. This work enables us to be confident that the varieties we are introducing will meet our quality expectations, perform for our customers and delight the gardening public.